Objective of the Conference

One of the major objectives of this conference is to highlight the growing demand of food worldwide and how it is estimated to reach its peak in the next few decades. This problem is however being addressed by many technologists, agriculturists and conservation biologists with the help of artificial intelligence, the advancing technology and their research results. All of these achievements will be discussed at the conference to encourage extended views and thoughts on the same. Every human being aims at leading a healthy life, without any ailments. The agriculturists nurture the same aim, often with their new and innovative techniques. Artificial intelligence and its prominence in almost all the fields of science has been proven to be both beneficial and detrimental to the society. However, it's our duty to enhance the economic growth of nation in terms of monetary funds and manpower. Such an ambition can only be achieved when the food reaching the community is healthy. The target is to also provoke the audience to express their practical insights in the form of ideas, experiments, research papers etc. The aim extends further in spreading awareness about the new techniques in farming at the global level.

About the Conference

Agriculture summit 2020, is being organized by a Universal Society of Food and Nutrition (USFN), a non-profitable professional association meant for research and development in the field of Food Science & Technology. At the conference, technologists, agriculturalists, students, biologists, academicians, research scholars and interested persons are invited. Such a confluence, pools ideas and valuable experiences that can benefit the society. The technologists and researchers would exhibit their research results and highlight its application in farming. Some of such innovative advancements include:

Use of sensors in detecting moisture, soil conditions, pests, micro-climate, etc.

Vertical farming indoors,

Use of drones to automate the farming procedures such as watering, harvesting, ploughing etc.

Some of the other suggested techniques include blockchains, management of livestock and innovative greenhouses. These techniques reduce the dependency on labour, fasten the process of productivity by producing it in mass and also monitor food security.

The delegates encourage the attendees to present their research either orally or through papers. Thus , such conferences play a major role in spreading awareness at the global level.