Call for Paper

Contributions are invited which are addressing by own research, project achievements, case studies, theoretical and conceptual work the conference theme and tracks, the creative use of educational technology.

Submissions, taking into account the conference theme and related to at least one of the conference tracks are welcome in paper, poster, synergy or panel discussion session and demonstration/technical presentation formats.

Networking and interactivity, sharing and discussion will be core aspects of the conference, focusing on what you can learn from and with your peers.

Join the Conference in Melbourne to tell about your research, projects and experience!

“Prospective authors should note that poster sessions provide an alternative format which allows for greater flexibility and expanded audience interaction.”

Session 1: Agriculture Engineering

  • Plant Science
    • Plant tissue culture
    • Plant Biotechnology
    • Plant physiology and biochemistry
    • Plant pathology and plant-micro-biology
    • Plant science and natural products
    • Plant genome sciences
    • Medicinal and aromatic plant sciences
    • Plant synthetic biology and plant transcriptome
  • Soil Science and Water Management
    • Land and water management
    • Soil and Plant Analysis
    • Soil Microbiology and Soil Remediation
    • Soil chemistry
    • Soil fertility & plant nutrition
    • Microbial inoculant
    • Soil physics and advance physical techniques
  • Agronomy & Crop Science
    • Organic Farming
    • Efficient crop production
    • Seed technology
    • Forage crop & grass science
    • Crop genetics and breeding
    • Physiology and ecological research on herbs
    • Ecology
  • Livestock/Animal Farming and Genetic Engineering
    • Aquaculture & fishery
    • Intensive livestock farming
    • Sustainable livestock farming
    • Genetic engineering in animal farming
    • Dairy Technology
    • Veterinary Science
    • Livestock production systems
    • Poultry farming
    • Honey bee farming
  • • Agricultural resource management
  • • Agriculture & Biotechnology
    • GM crops
    • Technologies for rapid crop improvement
    • Genomics technologies for tropical agriculture
    • Genetic engineering
    • Tissue culture
    • Genes and traits of interest for crops
    • Safety testing and government regulations
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Nanotechnology in agriculture
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Crop protection & Entomology

Session 2: Agriculture and Food Security

  • • Food Science
    • Food engineering
    • Food chemistry
    • Food & nutrition
    • Food technology
    • Food microbiology
    • Food packaging
    • Food nutrients
  • • Food and nutrition security
    • Food storage and technology
    • Fermentation Technology
    • Food packaging technology
  • • Post-Harvest Handling and Processing

Session 3: Agriculture and Environment

  • Global warming impacts on agriculture
  • Climate change impacts on agriculture
  • Forecasting in agriculture
  • New crops for a new climate
  • Agroforestry & Landscaping
  • Fertilizers and Pesticides

Session 4: Greenhouse and Horticulture

  • Fruit and vegetable breeding
  • Arboriculture & Floriculture
  • Seed physiology- Germination