Scopes & Benefits

To spread awareness on the new innovative farming techniques ,

To inculcate in the minds of the people , the need of healthy and prosperous living ,

To ensure sustainable use of resources, especially water ,

To restore the lost ecological balance due to overexploitation of resources and livestock ,

To assimilate valuable inputs and insights of the esteemed individuals ,

To help the attendees develop simple , quick and innovative skills in farming and

To highlight the increasing application of precision farming and other farming techniques across the world .

The benefits include :

An opportunity to build network with the delegates , research scholars , students etc .

To learn some simple , traditional and innovative farming skills .

To learn the proper application of the newer techniques developed .

To learn from the experiences of other attendees on the subject .

To learn different possible solutions to problematic situations .

To develop skills of presenting papers either orally or written .

To earn the guidance of renowned persons on the subject, etc . Albeit , information is available everywhere , attending such conferences will provide a better understanding and experience on the interested subject .